GD-100B 4-axis CNC tool grinder
GD-100B 4-axis CNC tool grinder
GD-100B 4-axis CNC tool grinder
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The machine is suitable for tool manufacturing companies and individual tool users, used for manufacturing, renovation, resharpening as well as large-scale grinding of TCT straight knives, woodworking straight and trimming knives, radius relief angle straight knives.
GD-100B 4-axis CNC tool grinder
♦The machine adopts high-strength, high-rigidity resin sand-casting, which ensure machine stability along with the aging treatment.
♦The machine adopts high-power (9kw) direct-drive variable frequency electric spindle grinding head. The grinding wheel flange can be equipped with 2-4 grinding wheels at the same time, that meets the process requirements for front, back and end faces of the tool.
♦The workpiece headstock is equipped with Swiss SHAUBLIN W20 collets, completing with pneumatic clamping device with adjustable clamping force, quickly can clamp the workpiece and ensure it's clamping accuracy.
♦The machine adopts FANUC 0i Mate-MD control system, Taiwanese HIWIN precision rolling linear guide (P3 level), ball screw (C level), German HEIDENHAIN encoder to ensure the superior performance and working precision of the tool
♦The machine adopts totally enclosed frame (front sliding doors, left, right and back maintenance doors), swing press-button, hand-hold electronic handwheel,special start and stop button, foot switch, automatic lubrication and mist absorbing devices, alarm buzzer, electricity board, cooling air-conditioner. Operation and maintenance are simple and convenient.
GD-100B 4-axis CNC tool grinder
GD-100B 4-axis CNC tool grinder
CNC system and servo unit FANUC(发那科)0i Mate-MD
Processing workpiece diameter 3~200 mm
Processing workpiece chip flute number 1~200
Processing workpiece chip lead 500~∝
Processing workpiece maximum helix angle ±45º
Maximum workpiece length 400mm
Maximum processing workpiece groove depth 20mm
Maximum workpiece weight 20Kg
Grinding head maximum power (electric spindle) 9KW
Grinding wheel size (CBN / diamond) Φ50~Φ200mm
Grinding head spindle rotation speed (frequency regualation) 1000-9000rpm
Grinding head vertical travel (Y-axis) 250(-70~180)mm
Worktable travel X-axis / Z-axis X:400mm/Z:300mm
Linear axis quick travle speed (X-axis,Y-axis,Z-axis) 0.05~10m/min
Workpiece spindle rotation speed (A-axis) 0~1000rpm
Rotation angle of grinding head in the horizontal plane(B-axis - manual adjustment, scale display) ± 45º
Workpiece spindle hole taper ISO50
Workpiece spindle center height 220mm
Workpiece spindle radial runout ≤0.005mm
Grinding head spindle radial runout ≤0.005mm
X / Y / Z -axis resolving power 0.00lmm
Rotation axis resolving power (A-axis - closed cycle control) 0.00l°
Machine size 1750×1600×1900mm
Machine weight 4T