GD-150C 2-axis CNC precision step cylindrical grinder
GD-150C 2-axis CNC precision step cylindrical grinder
GD-150C 2-axis CNC precision step cylindrical grinder
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♦The machine adopts headstock-to-tailstock centers structure, can automatically grind outer diameter Ф2~120mm, maximum length 300mm of outer diameter,
external cone surface and chamfer.
♦ The machine adopts SYNTEC servo-controlled system, completing with the special step grinding program and grinding wheel dressing device. The workpiece
headstock adopts Japanese NSK presicion bearing, grinding wheel flange can be equipped with two grinding wheels at the same time, that meets the process
requirements of rough and fine grinding in one clamping
♦ The machine is equipped with automatic cooling and mist absorbing devices, automatic fire extinguishing device, cooling system breakdown protection program,
alarm buzzer, front sliding doors, maintenance doors on the left, right and back sides of machine, swing press-button, special start and stop button for operator.
CNC System and Servo Unite  SYNTEC system
Grinding head longitudinal effective travel (X-axis) 350 mm
Grinding head cross effective travel (Y-axis) 180 mm
Grinding wheel spindle rotation speed (frequency regualation) 1000~3000rpm
Grinding wheel linear speed 18~54m/s
Grinding wheel spindle power 4KW
Grinding wheel size (diamond grinding wheel) 350*127*20/65
Workhead center height 105mm
Workhead rotation speed (A-axis) (frequency regualation) 0-500rpm
工件头架锥孔 Workhead taper ISO50
Adjusting angle of worktable in the horizontal plane(with dial indicator micrometer accessory) +10°/-10°   (0.5º/value)
Adjusting angle of workhead in the horizontal plane +70°/-70°    (1º/value)
Workpiece grinding diameter range Φ2 ~ Φ120mm
Maximum length of workpiece grinding 300mm
Workpiece spindle radial runout ≤0.005mm
Grinding head spindle radial runout ≤0.005mm
X-axis resolving power 0.00lmm
Y-axis resolving power 0.00lmm
Machine size 1800×1650×1750mm
Machine weight 2.5T

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